Do you love writing?

See-a-voice launches a new opportunity for visitors. Now, you can submit guest posts on see-a-voice. The posts should contain high-quality content and authentic information.

Read important questions and guidelines before you start writing:

Q: Can I submit my posts free of charge?

A: No, you will pay a small fee for it. It’s because reviewing content and publishing it take lots of time.

Q: What should be the length of the post?

A: It should be around 700 – 1000 words.

Q: Where can I submit my posts?

A: Email us at dustinwlkr43@gmail.com

Q: What are the main niches for writing content?

A: You can write about anything relevant to see-a-voice content like Marketing, Telecommunications, mobile phones, Reviews and much more.

Q: What kind of content should I avoid?

A: Don’t submit adult content, political or illegal niches content. Furthermore, avoid content that raises hatred.

If you are keen to use your talent to get recognition, write to us at dustinwlkr43@gmail.com

Benefits of Writing Posts on See-a-voice

  • You get appreciation and recognition because thousands of visitors will read your posts.
  • A genuine writer can get new clients by writing on see-a-voice.
  • You get one “Dofollow” backlink for your site.
  • In short, polish your writing skills and get recognition around the globe.

What to Avoid While Writing Guest Posts

  • See-a-voice encourages both enthusiasts and professionals, but don’t submit low-quality or copied content. We strictly discourage copied stuff.
  • There shouldn’t be any grammatical/spelling mistakes in the content.
  • Don’t add links from the spammy/fishy sites in your posts.
  • Don’t build spammy links to your guest posts. We will remove such links without any notice.

The pattern for Guest Post [Guidelines]

Multiple Headings: Divide your post into multiple sections and use relevant heading for each section.

Sub Divide: Don’t add long paragraphs in the post. Keep the length of the sentences short. Write precise by using effective words. Don’t add long sentences because it affects the readability of the content.

Min. 1000 Words: Write precisely, but add around 700-1000 words in the post. Write catchy words and provide useful and relevant information.

Introduction: Start with an impressive introduction. Don’t use formal words and make your post useful and interesting for visitors.

Final Paragraph: Include the final paragraph to your post and add informative facts to it. Give a clear and authentic verdict to the reader.

Images: Don’t forget to add at least 2 images to every post. These images should be copyright-free. Also, mention the sources of these images in the post. The images must be relevant to the content.

Now, do research and be ready to show your writing talent to the world.