More and more people use websites now as their first point of reference. Booking tickets online for captioned performances remains an issue due to the difficulty of holding back appropriate seats with clear view of the units. You can, however, use your website to great effect to promote the captioned performances you offer as well as pass on helpful tips to potential new bookers.

What you can do …

  • Utilise your website fully – unlike with print brochures you are not normally restricted to a small space to convey information about your services for deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people – make the most of the space available or ask for more!
  • Clear navigation and signposting information – once the information’s up there make sure it’s easy to find.
  • Consistent information – make sure the information is consistent with your other marketing and information materials.
  • Supply subtitles or written transcripts of any audio or video content.
  • How about a FACEBOOK or other social network group that caption users can join?

Is your website accessible?


Website jargon can be daunting but you can access plenty of common sense advice on making your site accessible through online articles and forums. We’ve included some pointers in the Where Next section.

Improving accessibility will improve your site’s overall reach and impact.

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