Who’s using the Captions

Our experience has shown that not everyone who uses the captions during a performance has declared that intention at the time of booking. Some people repeat book for captioned performances but don’t identify themselves as deaf or make use of any available concessions. Some people weren’t aware it was a captioned performance until the show started … Read more Who’s using the Captions

Data collection and mailing lists

The Data Protection Acts don’t allow us to keep information about people’s disabilities. We can keep information about their preferred communication methods and whether they are actual or potential attenders of captioned or audio described performances. The key time to collect data is at the time of booking. If your Box Office does not collect … Read more Data collection and mailing lists

Targeted information

Targeted information is aimed at individuals, usually who identify as deaf or disabled, and who usually have an established relationship with the venue/theatre.  The benefits of creating some targeted materials are: Relevance – quick and easy access to information, saving time and effort. Cost-effective – when aimed at targeted groups. High response rate. A very … Read more Targeted information