Lycamobile Uk Plan Mega Bundle Code

Lycamobile is one of the known networks of the UK. This mobile network is offering in many countries in which the UK is also included. The price of everything is touching the sky, and the same goes for the rate of mobile services.

This network tries to serve more in less money. That is why they have made amazing plans and packages through which you can text, make calls and even use the internet for all month long. Lycamobile UK Plan Mega is one of them. They even give discounts on these plans.

Lycamobile Uk Plan Mega

This plan is a favorite of so many people. The price of it is really low. You have to pay 20£ for this package. But for the user’s convenience, they are giving a 50% discount for the first month, and you will be charged 10£ only. After the first month, the price would be the same as 20£ for you.

Moreover, if you buy this package online, you will get 20GB data to use the internet. Otherwise, it would be 11GB data. You can use home data allowances for the roaming in European countries.

PRICE £20.00
MINUTES Unlimited UK Mins
TEXTS Unlimited UK Texts
SUBSCRIPTION *139*2044# OR Text 2044 to 3535
International mins 100-mins

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