How to Check Remainng Balance in Lycamobile UK Sim

Lycamobile UK is an immensely popular telecom company providing call, SMS and internet services in various regions of the world. It’s known for reliable services, faster internet, 4G network speed, and affordable prices. People from different parts of the world come to the UK for earning, business, jobs, and study. They prefer Lycamobile because it gives them low-priced and attractive packages.

Before moving to a call, SMS or data plan, it’s very important to know the current balance. It ensures that you have sufficient balance to get that package. Furthermore, when you have recharged your account, you should check balance to know how much credit you have in your account. Mostly, new users don’t know how to get a package or how to check the remaining balance in their account. Well, for them, I am listing here all the working methods to check the balance in Lycamobile UK.


You can check balance in your account by sending an SMS. Type  “Credit” or “Balance” and send it to 321. You will get an automated reply within a few seconds. It will contain the details of your current balance.

Via Call

If you don’t want to send an SMS, you can get information about your current balance by using the call method. Call to 321 and follow the automated instructions to know the balance. You can use the same way to activate or de-activate any package too.

Via USSD Code

Another easy way to check the remaining balance in the Lycamobile account is by using the USSD code. In this method, you type a USSD code and the balance details appear on the screen. Type *131# and press “OK” to know the balance. It will show you the entire details of the balance such as total balance, expiry date, and current package.

Via Website

If you are unable to find out the remaining balance by using the above methods, you can check the remaining balance via the online site. Visit the Lycamobile UK official site. Register at your account by using your SIM card number. Now, check all details of your package, remaining balance, and other things.

Via App

Go to the Lycamobile UK site and download the Lycamobile app to the mobile. You can check the remaining balance in it with a touch of the button. It’s the easiest way to check account balance. Furthermore, it ensures easy conversion of package, subscription, or de-activation of the package.

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