Lycamobile UK Account and Data Balance Check – Step By Step Guide

As everyone knows that mobile sims are working almost in every country and union. The UK also contains many mobile sims.  Lycamobile is one of those networks. Lycamobile is known for its cheap-rates and high-quality national and international calls and texts. It is the world’s largest truly international network that works in 22 countries across 4 continents but here in this tutorial we are going to share about UK balance check codes.

The main purpose of networks or sims is to get connected to your loved ones through text or call. Balance is needed for this. To check Lycamobile balance UK. Let’s get started.

There are many methods to check credit on Lycamobile sim. I am going to introduce you to some of these methods.

Lycamobile UK Balance Check Via MMI/USSD Code

This code is one of the easy methods to check Lycamobile balance UK. It is a quick method. You just have to dial the following number to check Lycamobile balance UK. Users mostly check their balance through this. After dialing this code all your balance detail of Lycamobile sim will be on your screen.

Lycamobile Balance Checking MMI/USSD Code:
*131# or 94# or *221#

Check Lycamobile UK Balance Via Text/Voice Call

You can also check your credit by making a call to a number. If you want to check your credit by dialing the number then you can also do this. You can dial the number then after some seconds your call will automatically terminate and you will receive a text that will comprise all your balance and other data information.

Lycamobile Credit Checking Via TEXT/Voice Call:
321 OR +447404 000 321 (From Abroad)

Lycamobile Balance Check Guide

Other than data bundles, we also use mobile credit for purposes like calls and messages. Contacting through the mobile phone has normalized. Every other person is on call or message nowadays.

How to check Lycamobile UK balance through USSD code?

USSD code is that way that most of the people prefer to check balance. You can quickly check your balance through this just by entering some numbers, and the balance details will be on your screen.

Simply dial *131# –  wait for a few seconds, and you will get your balance detail on your phone.

How to check Lycamobile UK balance through a Voicemail?

Voicemail can be a great way to know about your balance without any hustle.

For this, you can dial 321 from your Lyca sim, and you will hear your balance.

Lycamobile Data Balance Check Guide

Through the usage of the internet nowadays, we can easily guess the ratio of customers that would be using data bundles. There are 10+ data plans that Lycamobile is offering for its users’ convenience.

How to Check Data Balance Lycamobile UK through USSD code?

It is the easiest way to check your data balance. You can dial *137# from your handset or mobile phone and press okay. After a second or two, your allowance details on your Lycamobile account will be on your screen.

How to Check Data Balance of Lycamobile UK through Call?

Some people prefer to check their balance via call. If you are one of those, you can dial 321, and through the company Automated voice response, you will hear your allowance details or data balance.

How To Check Lycamobile Bundle Balance?

Remember you can just dial *137# to check allowance details and balance on your LYCAMOBILE account.

How To Check Lycamobile Balance Through App?

You can also check the Lycamobile balance through an app. This is an online app. It consists of so many features. You can facilitate yourself with this app. It is free of cost. You just need balance for it. The link of the app for balance checking is given below. (Lycamobile App Download)

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I See My Lycamobile Number?

You can see your number by dialing *321# through your Lycamobile sim card.

How To Deactivate My Voicemail Service?

Simply just dial *185#.

How To Access My Voicemail?

To get access your voicemail just dials 121(or 91#).

What Is The Lycamobile Customer Care Number?

You can dial 00442071320322 for customer service

How to Contact with Lycamobile Company?

You can simply dial 322 from your mobile phone to contact the company. This number is only for customers that are living in the UK. Here you will talk to Lycamobile Customer Services Representative.

What Is The Loyalty Bundle?

You can call on Lycamobile numbers free through this. It permits you to make the free calls but only on Lycamobile numbers. You don’t have to pay for it. It is a reward for users from Lycamobile.

How can I access all bundles on lycamobile?

You can access all bundles of Lycamobile on their online app. The cost of each bundle is also mentioned there. Click Here to download lycamobile online app.

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