Lycamobile UK APN Settings for Android & iPhone

Lycamobile is a famous MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) that is operating in 23 multi-national countries. It has covered a vast number of users worldwide made a significant number of buyers for the reason that its fastest internet services and cheapest commuting bundles.

Today, here I will share with you Lycamobile UK APN settings. The information below regarding its APN settings include Settings for Android phones and also for iPhone.

Lycamobile UK APN Settings for Android

If you are using Lyca on an Android phone and getting trouble in consuming its internet and MMS services, then do not get confused. I have enlisted its all proper APN settings for you. Enter them correctly and enjoy the fastest and reliable data and multimedia messaging services of Lycamobile. If you want to set up APN settings on your phone, then go along with the instructions hereunder. Enter these settings precisely as we have mentioned them. You will not get access to the internet if you do not put settings correctly.

First of go to the ‘Menu’ of your phone and select the ‘Settings.’

Then, tap on ‘More.’

After it, you will be able to see some options, select ‘Mobile Networks.’

Now click ‘Access Point Names.’

Name Settings
Name Lyca UK
Proxy Leave it blank
Port Leave it blank
Username lmuk
Password Leave it blank
Server Leave it blank
MMS proxy Leave it blank
MMS port Leave it blank
MCC 234
MNC 26
Authentication type Leave it blank
APN type default
APN protocol IPV46
APN roaming protocol IPv4
Enable/disable APN APN Enabled
Bearer Unspecified
MVNO type Leave it blank
MVNO Value Leave it blank

After you have fixed all APN settings properly, save them, and restart your phone.

Lycamobile UK APN Settings for iPhone

If you are using Lyca on iPhone and your internet and MMS services are not working correctly, then you are at the correct point. For you, we have mentioned Lycamobile iPhone’s meetly and fittingly APN settings. If you want to fix your phone’s internet data and  MMS problem, then go with the settings below. Put these settings in their correct cases and formattings if you enter parameters, and we have mentioned them as, but you add settings like or Data.Lycamobile.Co.Uk. If you do so, then you will not get results.

Foremost, go the ‘Main Menu’ of your iPhone.

Now, tap on the ‘Settings.’

Press ‘Mobile Data’ or ‘Cellular Data.’

Click ‘Cellular Data Network’ or ‘ Mobile Data Network.’

And now, add these settings.

Name Settings
Username lmuk
Password plus

After adding the above settings, you will have to click the left arrow three times. And then tap on ‘Home Button.’

If you have entered exact APN settings as described below, save these settings and reboot your phone.

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