Lycamobile Sim Not Working (Today)

Lycamobile is one of the fastest-growing networks with the best services. Sometimes even the fastest network like Lyca Sim does not work due to some reason.


  • You might not be getting signals
  • You might be watching No network / Emergency only statements on your phone.

Reasons and Solutions

These reasons include several factors. They can be categorized into two types.

  • The internal factors
  • The External Factors

Lycamobile Sim Not Working Step by Step Guide

Internal Factors

In internal factors, the sim does not work because of the network’s terms/conditions or because of their services.

The step you have to take is to connect with the Lycamobile Network manually. For this

Search for the option of “Lyca/Lycamobile services on your phone that may be found on “Settings,” “Sim,” “Tools,” or any other place among your “Apps.”

Now go to Lycamobile > Mode > Manual > National

After choosing the “National” option, your phone will start the manual network search automatically or will return to a previous page

Keep following this, then without taking your sim out, reset your phone and then start the Manual network search again.

Lastly, restart your phone.

External factors

External factors include the problems with your device or with sim physically.

Firstly, make sure if your Lyca sim is not scratched, broken, or damaged. If it is you have to fix it

Secondly, Sometimes dust causes network issues by making a connectivity problem. To get rid of this issue

  • Turn your Mobile off
  • Take out the battery and sim
  • Clean the dust with a lint-free cloth
  • Put the battery back without the sim and turn your phone on
  • Now again, turn off your mobile put the sim in the slot, replace the battery and turn your phone on.

Thirdly. Make sure you are not at places like the basement, Mountains, or woods where the network reach is impossible.

Even after taking all the steps, your sim does not work, then take it to your near Lyca store to fix the issue and for further assistance.

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