Lycamobile Pac Code: Transfer Your Same Number To other Network

Lycamobile is a data processing company that is currently operating in 23 countries across the globe. It has made a significant place among its users just because of its low price high quality commuting bundles.

And today, I will give you some brief details about Lycamobile PAC code, and this information hereunder will be useful for you if you want to leave Lycamobile to switch to a new provider and take your Lyca number with you. Or if you are Lycamobile purchaser and want to keep your previous name with it.

Lycamobile PAC Code

PAC means the Porting Authorization Code. That is a must for you Unusual differentiator that some Carrier Service Providers use to enable (MNP) Mobile Number Portability to their users. This system allows their customers to hold on to their phone number when they want to switch network operators.

If you are leaving Lycamobile Or you want to join in with your previous number, then you must have Lyca’s PAC code. You can quickly and rapidly get your Lycamobile code. The only thing that you have to do for getting the PAC code is that you will have to request it. After you have asked for it, you will get it in only one working day.

Evacuating Lyca For Another Network

If you are leaving Lycamobile for another service provider, then you can request it by calling, online, and messaging.

Online: If you want to get your Lycamobile PAC code online, then you will have to create an account on Lycamobile UK official website or if you have already an account on it, then open web tap on ‘Account Manager’ and click ‘Leave Lycamobile.’

Via Text: And if you want to get your PAC code by message, then you will have to type PAC and send it to 65075. Lycamobile will send you your PAC code.

Via Phone: Lycamobile also provides you the option to get your PAC code through the phone. If you want to get it by phone call, then call 322 by your cell phone. Or press 020 7132 0322 through any other phone. But remember you will have to call throughout Lyca’s opening hours, that are (Monday to Friday, from 8 am-8 pm, Saturday from 9 am-6 pm and on Sunday from 9 am-6 pm).

After you have got the Lycamobile PAC code, then you will have to give it to your new Carrier operator.

Enrolling In Lycamobile From Another Network

If you want to join Lycamobile from any other network, then you will have to request your old cellular company for PAC code. And after getting the PAC code, you will be able to transfer your phone number to Lycamobile. If you have reached the PAC code then, you can purchase a new Lyca sim. And when your sim approaches, then check it, does it work properly or not? If it does not operate correctly, then you can return it. After making sure your sim works, you can transfer it.

Now you have to register your PAC code by Lycamobile Online form, or you can also submit it through making a call. Dial 322 from your Lyca phone or press 020 7132 0322 from any other phone. After you have registered your PAC code, Lycamobile will arrange it for the next working day. Lyca sometimes provides its customers with a PAC code simultaneously when you order your new sim card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get Pac Code From Lycamobile?
You can quickly get Lyca PAC code, type PAC, and send it to 65075. And you can also have it by calling to 322 from your Lyca handset or press 020 7132 0322 from any other network operator.
How do I transfer my number to Lyca?
You can quickly transfer your to Lycamobile by only calling at 866-277-3221.
Does request a PAC code cancels Lyca plans?
Yes, if you use a PAC code to leave your present network provider, then your contacts will be canceled.
How to give a PAC code to Lycamobile?
If you want to join Lyca from another carrier provider, then you will have to submit your PAC number in Lyca. You can register it easily by calling to 322 or pressing 020 7132 0322.
How to get Lycamobile PAC code online?
Its to easy to get a PAC code online. First, you have to login into the Lycamobile account website, after it, you will have to tap on ‘Account Manager’ and then click ‘Leave Lycamoible.’