Lycamobile Lost Sim Replacement (Step by Step Guide)

How can the Lycamobile Lost Sim Replacement be done? It is effortless. In this world, where every person is working like a machine – it is common to lose your phone or sim. A significant number of people drop their things every day.

Other issues that a person can face is to be robbed and lost his/her phone or sim. It can be a big problem because the person loses all the contacts and there is no way out there to get their numbers.

Lycamobile Lost Sim Replacement Step by Step Guide

  • Step One

What should we do when we lost our sim? The first step one should take is to call the service provider to block the missing sim.

It is because anyone can use that sim for their personal, professional or even for illegal purposes. It may lead to you be suspect in front of the people and the investigation agency. So it is essential to block your sim.

  • ¬†Step Two

You can go to your near Lycamobile store to buy the new one, or you can order online. Now, if you have the new sim, you can call Lycamobile UK customer service on 322 if you are calling from the same network.

Or, if you are making a call from another network, then call on 0207 1320322 with your PUK number. After that, the network service provider will help you in transferring your old number on your new sim within 24 hours.

How can I check my number on Lycamobile Uk?

Now, if you want to check whether your number is transferred into your new sim or not, then Dial *132# or (97#) and the current number of your sim will be shown.

How can I retrieve my contacts if my mobile is lost?

It is impossible to get them, but you can go to your Lycamobile account and get the dialled numbers or contacts from there.

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