Lebara Netherlands Data Plans: €5, €10, €15 & €20

There is no charm in life without data volume. You can’t browse, download and upload videos. Even you can’t visit the social networking platforms to keep in touch with their loved ones. Lebara Netherland offers a variety of data plans for users. These plans bring variable data volumes for users who are fond of browsing. It also brings some internet offers for users who don’t use the internet frequently. Here, I have enlisted all the data plans of Lebara Netherland.

Lebara €5 Data Plan

This plan brings sufficient MBs for users to manage emails and social networking platforms. It’s for customers who aren’t fond of using the internet and they use it only a few and far between. The plan is available for 28 days and automatically expires on the 28th day at midnight. If you have sufficient balance in your Lebara account, you will automatically re-subscribe for the plan. Check the details of this plan here.

Plan Price Data Subscription Code Validity
500 MB Data Bundle €5.00 500MB 4G data SMS 1300 to 8800 28 Days

Lebara €10 Data Plan

Lebara offers this plan with testomix lots of MBs for downloading. Once you subscribe to it, you use hassle-free internet for the entire month. It brings 4G network speed to provide you with uninterrupted and faster downloading. The users can use these MBs while moving around in the Netherland regions. However, you can’t use it while roaming in the EE and EU countries. Check the subscription and incentive details here.

Plan Price Data Subscription Code Validity
1GB Data Bundle €10.00 1GB 4G data SMS 1301 to 8800 30 Days

Lebara €15 Data Plan

Lebara users get this plan with thousands of MBs. It’s for customers who are fond of using the internet for hours. You can get this plan at an affordable price. It brings 4G network connectivity for users at a very low cost. Check the details of the plan below.

Plan Price Data Subscription Code Validity
3GB Data Bundle €15.00 3GB 4G data SMS 1400 to 8800 30 Days

Lebara €20 Data Plan

Some users are crazy data lovers. They often remain busy in downloading HD movies and videos. These users want lots of data to play online games and to be connected with their friends. So, Lebara Netherland takes care of their interest and offers this handy plan. It’s a kind of a blessing in disguise for such users at this affordable price. The users subscribe to this package and enjoy 4G network connectivity.

Plan Price Data Subscription Code Validity
5GB Data Bundle €20.00 5GB 4G data SMS 1302 to 8800 30 Days

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