Lebara Mobile UK Data Bolt-On’s Plans – 200MB, 500MB & 1GB Bundle

If you are a data lover and want more data at a very low-price, then Lebara is enough for you. It is a company which is providing its services in the field of information technology since 2001. It is also well-known because of its fastest full speed 4G service.

Not only that, but it is also providing its customers with the best SMS and national-international call services. It is an immense pleasure that Lebara helps you stay in connection with your family and beloved ones through internet data, SMS, and national-international call minutes. Lebara makes different plans according to its customer’s needs.

It has recently organized “Lebara Mobile UK Data Bolt’s-On’s plan” for its customers. This plan is going to be favorite of those who want extra minutes and data with their data or call minute bundles. For example, if you purchase any Lebara Mobile UK bundle. Which consists of call minutes or internet data, and you finish it before its validity, then you can add these bundles. This Lebara plan contains the below packages. Let us have a look at them.

Data Bolt-On 200MB Plan

Data bolt-on plan is usually used when you are using a data plan but you want more data due to the reason that the internet on your current data plan is finished or will finish soon. So you upgrade according to your choice.

200MB Data Bolt-On is very convenient for you if you want to add a little extra browsing time to your current plan.

200MB Data PLan £3.00 200MB Text B200 to 38885

Data Bolt-On 500MB Plan

If you want more data then already have but you are enjoying minutes and Sms on another plan from Lebara, you can still enjoy extra Data Bolt-On without the need to cancel the current plan. Enjoy 500MB Data Bolt-on with below-mentioned guidance.

500MB Data PLan £5.00 500MB Text B500 to 38885

Data Bolt-On 1GB Plan

If you love data and need more browsing 4G fast speeds Internet to be able to stay in touch with friends and family abroad on video calling and social media, then 1GB Data Bolt-On is for you to enjoy best data on a budget.

1GB Data PLan £7.50 1GB Text B1GB to 38885

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Lebara Mobile UK Data Bolt-On Plan Subscription Via Text/USSD Codes

Bundle Name ✓ Subscription Code ✓ Online Subscription ✓
200MB Data PLan Text B200 to 38885 Click to Activate
500MB Data PLan Text B500 to 38885 Click to Activate
1GB Data PLan Text B1GB to 38885 Click to Activate

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