How to Check Remaining Balance in EE Mobile UK

EE UK is one of the largest telecom service providers in the UK regions. It offers 4G and 5G network speed for faster downloading of the content. The reason for its popularity among users is that it offers data sharing facility to the users. Another reason for its fame is that it brings attractive calling and SMS packages along with thousands of MBs at affordable prices.

So, every day, lots of users change their network and become a part of the EE UK family. The old customers know how to change the data plan, SMS and calling plan. But the new user of EE Mobile doesn’t have sufficient information about the basic plans. He even doesn’t know how to check the remaining balance in his EE mobile. Here, I am discussing all methods for new users of EE UK to check the remaining balance in their EE account. You can use any of these methods to check your credit.

Check Balance via SMS

Now, you can check the remaining balance by using the SMS service. Type “BALANCE” and send it to “150.” Within a few seconds, you will get the message where you can see the detail of remaining SMS, minutes, data volume and balance in your account. It also lets you know the expiry date of the package.

Check Balance via Online Site

Go to the official site of EE UK and login to your account by using a mobile number and other details. If you don’t have an account, click “Register” and provide the necessary details to sign up for a free account. Now, login to your account and click “Check Balance” option there. It will show you the entire details of the remaining balance, SMS, calling minutes and other resources.

Check Balance via App

If you are using the official EE UK App, it lets you know about the remaining balance in your account with one tap. Open the app and click “Balance” to know how much credit you have in your account. If you don’t have the app, download it from here.

Check Balance via Call

Another easy way to check the remaining balance is to call at helpline “150.” Dial 150 from your EE UK number and follow the automated instructions to know the actual balance in your account.

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