How to Check Balance in O2 UK SIM

O2 is a renowned telecom company offering SMS, data and call services in the UK, Germany, and other European countries. The users of O2 get faster and reliable internet service with a 4G network for instant downloading. They have two types of plans: SIM-Only and PAYG. All these plans are available at very affordable prices. The customers get notifications regarding the promotions and new offers on their O2 numbers. However, they don’t get any notification SMS on how to check balance and incentive details. It’s particularly important for new users because they don’t know much about telecom services and codes. I have discussed here all the methods to check the balance in your O2 SIM for such users. They can follow any of these methods. Check all of them below.

Check Balance via Hotkey

The easiest way to check the balance in your O2 SIM is to use the Hotkey. It doesn’t take more than a few moments and the balance details appear on the screen.

Press the hotkey “2” to know the remaining balance in your O2 account. As soon as you press this hotkey from your cell, it will display the balance and current plan details on the screen. It also lets you know the expiry date of the current package.

Check Balance via Call

Another easy method to check the remaining balance is via call. However, it requires at least one call’s balance in your mobile. Otherwise, you can’t use this facility. Dial 4444 from your O2 mobile and press “OK” to check the remaining credit in your O2 account. You can use this service not only to check the balance but also to recharge your account.

Check Balance via USSD Code

The customers of O2 UK can also use this method to know the remaining balance without using the balance. It works even if your balance is zero. Dial *#10# and press “OK” to know the remaining credit. As you dial the USSD code, it shows the balance details on the screen without delay. Besides the balance details, you get details regarding the current plan and expiry date.

Check Balance via Online Site

If you remain online for most of the time, you can also check the balance via the online site. Unlike the calling method, it offers free service to check balance. For this, you need to create a free account on O2 site.

Once you have created the free account, log in to your account by using the signup details. It’s a free service. Here, you can check your remaining balance by clicking the option “Check balance” in your account.

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