How to Check Balance in GiffGaff UK Account

Currently, GiffGaff telecom is getting immense popularity among the users in the UK regions. There are many reasons for its popularity like cheap calling rates, affordable SMS and data plans and free SIM offer, etc. That’s why; lots of people are converting their network to GiffGaff. It brings faster and uninterrupted internet service for users even in the busiest places. So, everyone wants to get the GiffGaff SIM to use reliable telecom services.

So, GiffGaff is getting new users every day. The majority of new users don’t know how to check the remaining minutes, SMS, data and remaining balance. Well, here are some straightforward methods to check the remaining balance at GiffGaff number.

Check Balance via SMS

It’s the easiest method to check the credit in your GiffGaff account. You can check the balance by using SMS within a couple of seconds. Type “BALANCE” and send it to “100.” It will show you the remaining credit on the screen. The detail also includes the expiry date of the current package.

Check Balance via Call

You can also check the balance by calling the helpline number of GiffGaff. Dial 43430 from your GiffGaff number and follow the automated instructions.

Check Balance via USSD

You can also check the remaining balance in your account by using a USSD code. It’s the quickest method to check the balance. Dial *100# and press “OK” to get the details of your current package and remaining balance.

Check Balance via App

You can also download the official app of GiffGaff to your mobile to check the balance and to manage your account. You can change the plan, subscribe to a new plan and check the remaining data volume with a tap. Download the app and tap “Balance” to check the credit in your account. If you don’t have the app, download it from here.

Check Balance via Website

Create your account on GiffGaff official site and log in to your account. Now, you can manage it online easily. Get a new package, check the remaining MBs, get details of remaining balance with one click. It’s for those who always remain online. They don’t need to use USSD code or call service. They can check the remaining balance by using the online site of GiffGaff.

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