ASDA Mobile Pay As You Go Standard Rates

ASDA Mobile is a renowned Mobile Virtual Network Operator using the EE network to provide telecom services in the UK regions. It provides affordable calls, SMS and internet services across the nation. It brings multiple SIM-only and Pay-as-you-go plans for users. The users can purchase these plans with and without ASDA mobile handsets. When you purchase an ASDA SIM card, you get the option to select a SIM-Only or monthly data, SMS or call plan. If you don’t select any plan, you can select a Pay-as-you-go plan. It’s not limited to one month or a few months. You can use it as long as you want. It brings the standard charges for every SMS, data MB, and every call.

Let’s move to the list to check what kind of local and international PAYG plans are available for ASDA Mobile users.

ASDA Mobile PAYG Local Standard Rates

ASDA Mobile brings an easy Pay-as-you-go plan for local destinations. You have to pay for every SMS and every minute. It’s for users who don’t use the internet, SMS and calling services frequently. This plan brings affordable standard rates for every call and data MB. Check here the rates to know what you are paying for every minute and SMS.

Services Rates
Nationwide calls 8p/min
SMS 4p
MMS 25p
Data/GPRS 5p per MB
Voicemail 8p per min
Helpline Free
Customer Service Free
Call to 0800/0808 Free
Other services 8p/min (Access charges + call charges)
landline 07 numbers 75p/min

ASDA Mobile PAYG International Standard Rates

It’s for international destinations. While roaming within the EU regions, Canada, Australia, UK, and USA or in other destinations, you have to pay different charges. I have brought the standard rates for all international destinations. Check here the rates to know what you will pay while roaming in different countries of the world.

Services Charges from EU Charges from Canada/Australia/USA/New Zealand From Other Countries
Calls to UK (per minute) 8p 87p £1.49
Calls in-country (per minute) 8p 87p £1.49
Calls in European destinations (per min) 8p 87p £1.49
Calls to US / Canada / Australia / NZ (per min) 40p 87p £1.49
Calls to rest of world (per min) £1.20 £1.20 £1.49
Receiving a call (per min) Free* 87p £1.49
Sending a text (per text) 4p 40p 40p
Receiving a text (per text) Free* 20p 20p
Sending an MMS (per MMS) 25p 25p 25p
Receiving an MMS (per MMS) Free* Free* FREE
Data per MB 5p £7.50 £7.50
2732 from your Asda Mobile Free* Free* FREE

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