1st Central Car insurance Contact Numbers with Details

1st central contact numbers1st central is an insurance company that works via telephone and internet. It is mainly based on telephone and internet. It has branches in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, and England. It also has offices in Manchester and a contact center in Glasgow.

This company also received four awards. From all these details you can judge that this is a trustworthy company. The main purpose of any insurance company is to provide compensation if some loss may happen and you have already got their policies. People save their money from their salaries for getting insurance policies. It is recommended to everyone to get insurance. Car Accidents have become daily news which is sad and at the same time worrying because people are earning and buying cars for their comfort. Traffic on roads have increased the risk to an excessive amount which is also one of the causes of car accidents.

Secondly, youngsters nowadays are chilled and immature. They do car stunts on the name of adventure and later they face things like accidents. So everyone should follow traffic rules to make a decrease in the rate of road accidents. Secondly, we should be ready for any circumstances in life, so we should always get insurance policies. So that if something bad happens then u can still compensate.
If you are ready to make contact with the insurance company then we are providing you all contact numbers or ways so that you can make contact whenever you want. Then let’s get started.

You can make a call to 1st Central Insurance Customer Services number for getting of policy quote, renewal of your car and to make a claim that is following a vehicle accident.

To Get a Quote for 1st Central Car insurance

1st central car insurance contact numberYou can contact 1st central on their new customer hotline number, where your call is automatically directed to your already selected destination without any further action of yours. For their quote of car insurance policies, you can ask them. It depends upon the ranges. It ranges from fully comprehensive protection to basic third-party cover. You should be present-minded and careful in giving information while taking out a new policy.

Your information must be accurate, otherwise, your right of making a claim may get refuse or cancel. Likewise, if you are allowed and are eligible for no claims discount then you can also contact them so that you can still receive a bonus.

1st Central Car Insurance Contact Number
0333 043 2044

1st Central Car insurance all Contact Numbers List

Customer Services 0333 043 2066
Make a new car insurance claim 0333 043 2011
Track repairs to your vehicle 01489 794 256
Track a settlement claim 0333 043 2022
Report an accident with a driver insured with 1st Central 0333 043 2026
Windscreen and window glass claims 0333 043 2012
Get a quote for 1st Central car insurance 0333 043 2044
1st Central Insurance renewals 0333 043 2055
1st central contact number 03 0333 043 2077
1st central breakdown number 0333 043 2005
1st central finance contact number +44 333 043 2066
1st central law contact number 0161 830 1600
1st central contact number haywards heath +44 333 043 2066

To make a Claim on Your 1st Central Policy

You can contact 1st central to make a claim on your car insurance policy. If you have faced some accident recently then you can report them about accident and can receive compensation. They will give you compensation after getting details of any other driver involved and contact information of relevant witnesses if the accident was not your fault. Furthermore, After you have made a claim, you can also call on this number to enquire about the repair of your vehicle.

The best thing about it is that, even if the damage is very small like a chip to your windscreen. You can also call them to request a replacement part. But the thing that should be noted here is that your no claims discount may get affected for serious road traffic accidents. This helpline is open 24/7, so you can contact them anytime and can inform about your accident.

1st Central - Central Policy Contact Number
0333 043 2011

To make 1st Central insurance Renewals

You can contact 1st central insurance on this contact number to make a renewal of your policy. When you call on this number you will contact to their specialist team of advisor. You can also enquire about an estimated monthly premium for the upcoming year and to confirm the automatic renewal of your vehicle insurance cover at the end of the specified contract date.

1st Central Renewals Contact Number
0333 043 2055

1st Central Customer Services

You can contact 1st Central Insurance customer services on their contact number for enquiring and to change your present car cover policy. You can modify them by adding extras such as courtesy vehicle hire and breakdown cover.

1st Central Customer Services contact number
If by any chance your financial situation gets change so you can contact them to downgrade from fully comprehensive to third-party cover. Moreover, you can also contact them if you recently sold or bought a car so that they can update your policy.

1st Central Renewals Contact Number
0333 043 2066

Make a Complaint to 1st Central

You can contact 1st Central Insurance on this phone number to make a complaint about your car policy. If you think that you have been uncharged or overcharged for any service then you can also contact them to make a complaint. Furthermore, If any member of their company or customer service, misbehaved and was rude to you or their service was poor, still, you can dial this number to make a report.
You can also make a complaint on a letter with evidence such as photograph and recordings etc. You can write a letter to their UK head office directly using their Haywards Heath postal address.

1st Central Complaint Contact Number
0333 043 2011

Alternative Ways to Contact 1st Central

We do not want you to worry if you could not make contact. We are providing you other ways to contact so you can choose the way that is easy for you.


The world is getting advanced day by day. Now you can also make contact through email. If you want to get a quote and want to have a live webchat with their advisors then you can also contact through this email.

1st Central Contact Email
1st Central Second Email

Social media

Social media has become the most used platform for everyone. Old man to youngsters, everyone uses this platform. You can also contact them through this.

1st Central Facebook
1st Central Twitter

1st Central Insurance Address

  • Customer Relations,
  • First Central Insurance Management Ltd,
  • Central House,
  • 25 – 27 Perrymount Road,
  • Haywards Heath,
  • West Sussex,
  • RH16 3TP,
    United Kingdom.

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